Student Support and Guidance Cell

The Students’ Support and Guidance Cell of the institution have been constituted as detailed below for a period of one year.

1. Dr. Manoj Kumar K.P., Principal – in – charge (Head of the Unit)
2. Dr. Swapna C. (Dept. of  Prosthodontics) – Nodal Officer (1)
3. Dr. Mayeesh Radhakrishnan (Reader Dept. of Oral Pathology) Nodal officer (2)
2. Mrs. Tarakeshwari (Dept. of Anatomy)
3. Mrs. Ajinl K.N. (Dept. of Physiology)
4. Dr. Subhash P. (Dept. of Biochemistry)
5. Dr. Varsha Rajeev (Dept. of Prosthodontics)
6. Dr. Nithu Marina Terrance (Dept. of Conservative)
7.  Dr. C.C. Joseph (PTA Representative)
8. Mr. Vaisakh T. 1st year students representative
9. Ms. Fathimathul Safa M. 2nd year students representative

Personal Contact