Department -

Public Health Dentistry

The Department of Public Health Dentistry is dedicated to training graduate and undergraduate students in the field of Dental Public Health. The students are trained to focus on investigating the risk factors for Oral diseases and their relation to systemic disease, as well as on the use of oral epidemiological methods to study health outcomes of dental services and oral health policy. The department has an extensive outreach program where dental care is delivered to surrounding areas of Kozhikode, Malappuram and Wayanad districts. The Department maintains two outreach centres to serve the population of Kozhikode District. Through the regular dental camps and outreach programs the department screens and treats around 10,000 to 15,000 patients annually and supports continuing dental education by organizing various programs on current developments in Oral health as well as emerging dental public health problems for the benefit of the dental fraternity.

Community programs

Oral illness affects all communities. The local public agencies (LPHAs) including the dental institutions should measure the oral health requirements of the communities and develop plans and programs to make sure that those requirements are fulfilled. KMCT dental college always involves in community programs like Dental Camps and School Oral Health Programs and training at Satellite health centres etc. Visit our Community programs page to know more.