Conference Room

Our Mini Conference Room can have 16 people at a time. Ideal for small conferences and workshops.

Mobile Dental Van

The college proudly owns an air conditioned mobile dental van with which every month 8-12 dental treatment camps are conducted at schools and for the rural population.


Our Central Library is spread over an area of 8500 sq ft with 6000 books and over 100 national and international journals. We have a separate journal room where students can update themselves with the latest details in their respective discipline. There are archives of almost all the journals of the past 8-10 years. Many E-Journals are also available in the library for the students. Students call also avail the back issues of our own journal “Dental Bites.”

Smart Class

Our classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms with laptops, networking and audio/visual capabilities to foster opportunities for teaching and learning. We make learning an experience for our students.

Indoor Games

We believe a sound body is essential for the mind to function more productively. Come rain or the sunshine the facility we provide for indoor games will make our students more productive.