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Interdisciplinary basic workshop Ends on a High Note

The 3rd  three day Interdisciplinary basic workshop on “Research Methodology for Biomedical Research” conducted by Dept. of Public Health Dentistry- KMCT Dental College and Dept. of Community Medicine – KMCT Medical College jointly at KMCT Medical College Lecture Hall came to a close on 29th August.

The workshop aimed at building capacity among researchers regarding the scientific ways of formulating research questions, adopting proper study designs, sampling tools, learning about data management in broader perspective along with rules and regulations of protocol submission to Kerala University of Health Science.

Dr Lathi Nair [Principal – KMCT Medical College] inaugurated the programme. Dr Annie John [HoD- Dept. of Community Medicine- KMCT Medical College] presided over the function.

Earlier Dr. Dhanya Muralidharan [HoD- Public Health Dentistry] welcomed the gathering. Dr Arun Paul [Senior Lecturer – Dept of Public Health Dentistry- KMCT Dental College], Dr Bindhu Mohandas [Asso. Professor- Dept. of Community Medicine] and Dr Meera S. Nair [Asst. Professor- Dept. of Community Medicine] also spoke.

The students from KMCT Dental College and KMCT Medical College participated in the workshop. There were scientific sessions on all days. The sessions on different topics were handled by faculty of KMCT Dental and Medical Colleges and experts from outside.

Dr Biju George [Associate Professor-Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Kozhikode]  delivered speeches on the topics” Descriptive statistics “,Concept of confidence interval”, “Testing of Hypothesis”, and “Statistical tests”.

A session on the topic “Study Design: Cohort study and Case control study” was taken by Dr Dhanya Muralidharan [HoD – Public Health Dentistry].

Dr Arun Paul [Senior Lecturer- Dept of Public Health Dentistry, KMCT Dental College] took detailed sessions on the topics “Software in Research”, “Introduction to SPSS”, and “Computer exercise on descriptive statistics”.

Dr Bindhu Mohandas spoke on the topics ‘Introduction to Medical Research”, “Literature search”, and “Diagnostic test evaluation”. A talk on “What is a Research Question and its objectives?” was delivered by Dr. Anupama [Asso. Professor – Dept. of Pathology].

Dr. Meera S Nair  [Asst. professor- Dept of Community Medicine ], delivered speeches on the topics “Questionnaire preparation “, “Medical research ethics”. Dr. Ali Zameel B  [ Asst. Professor- Dept of Community Medicine]spoke on the topic “Study Design: Descriptive Designs”.

A session on the topic “RCT” was taken by Dr Rupesh Raman[ Asst. Professor- Dept. of Community Medicine]. Dr Nivya.N.K took a session on the topic” Concept of sampling and Sample size”.

The knowledgeable workshop was concluded with the valedictory function. Dr Dhanya Muralidharan and Dr Bindhu Mohandas distributed the certificates to delegates.