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KMCT Dental College to Collaborate with NITC

A memorandum of understanding [MoU] was signed between KMCT Dental College and National Institute of Technology Calicut to collaborate on research projects on dental treatment methodology.

The MoU was signed by Dr Sivaji Chakavorti [Director – National Institute of Technology Calicut [NITC]] and Dr Manoj Kumar KP[ Principal – KMCT Dental College] . NITC will be providing the technical assistance for the research.

Dr Ayisha Nasreen[ Director, KMCT Group of Institutions], Dr R.K. Nizaro Siyo[Vice Principal- KMCT Dental College ], Dr. Ashok S[  Dean (Research & Consultancy)], Dr. M Sanjay (Faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering), Lt. Col. K Pankajakshan[Registrar], other Deans, Mrs Sujatha [ Administrative Officer] and Mr Salim [PRO] and faculty members of NITC and KMCT Dental College were also present on the occasion

The collaboration will see development of new dental implant materials and designs, stress testing, studies on dental materials and designs used in patients, computer aided design of dental prosthesis etc. These innovations are expected to bring about low cost technology in dental medicine.